The Street I Owned


Somehow walking alone on a chilly evening in Delhi has an irresistible charm to it, unmatched even by the prospect of the company of a lover. The slightly smoky night stirs the brain into restless excitement of your own person. I feel like I own the streets. Walking back home in a black Disneyland hoodie, the sleeves pulled up a little, one hand in the pocket and another swinging freely. Walking with a bounce in each step. Actually laughing at some joke I remembered. Suddenly conscious of how stupid I might look to others, but then laughing that thought off. The others? I own this street!

I did feel certain inquiring glances pass my way. I looked too geeky to have any unwanted admirers. The gazes just made me laugh harder. I saw them through glazed eyes, as a king would do, noticing but not too nicely.

And suddenly this car goes by, playing a tune so mellow it stuck. Then I started humming it all along. Closing my eyes for brief moments, as much as I dared so as not to get hit by a car. Humming and playing with my hair as the tune from Shah Rukh’s movie woke the romanticist in me.

I crossed so many people, but no one was as enchanting as the soul that was connected to my mind. It was happy despite all the pressures and tests. A child played his ball and accidentally hit me slightly on the arm with it, I smiled at the little girl who looked at me, clinching her face apologetically, without breaking my stride.

Then I reached home, realized that I do not own anything. That the illusion of a higher living was limited to the moments I was alone. Not here, not in this place where everything was planned and decided for me, not by me. But these few moments of respite were enough to live upon.

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6 comments on “The Street I Owned

  1. Tapas Trivedi says:

    The feeling is mutual … I miss roaming the streets. Guess this motivated my homecoming even more 🙂

  2. Rutaba Tariq says:

    For what most would have thought of nothing, you gave it meaning. Was a great piece to read. Good job

  3. monkavantgarde says:

    Very nicely written sister
    I often feel like hero of my life story
    which in turn feels like aa great adventure in itself, when I go for walks

  4. Hullas Arora says:

    Winter , no doubt has that charm associated to it , its dark and winterish which is the most mysterious . Mysterious and charming is a killer combo 😛

  5. I do, I do. says:

    Winter. I so love it.

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