Requiem for a Dream


Requiem for a Dream

It is dead

Peace ho! To the strength giver,

The hope giver and calm provider

What gave purpose has become meaningless

Caught in the sprint of time and torrent of ill will

Of those who have sold their lives for riches,

Because they wanted it in their ranks

Because it was high and mighty and knew its way around

Everyone wanted it for its simple perfection

And was ready to pay the highest bid for it gave them satisfaction


Narrated to it stories of displeasures of those who withheld longer than themselves


A few of those who were aberrant too,

But they are outcasts! Do not trouble your little head with them

Alas! Little?

How can I match them? I who is just an entity whose life is at the disposal of a single destructive whim?

And I will be lost when the sun goes down.


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3 thoughts on “Requiem for a Dream

  1. Thought provoking. Taking my own spin to it I find it rather bitter sweet. There is no end to your poem but a question which in itself is amazingly done. For the insightful this poem will turn out quite delightful.

    Lovely work ❤

  2. very well written and the sarcasm was good too .. last two lines are the best .. yes we are all dwell on the whims of a few loved ones.. well done 🙂

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