Suicide Note

A creepy social experiment.


We don’t value little things in our life and “Dude I just want to die!” is passed off as a casual remark. These suicide notes show how ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS the inside of our heads sound every time we contemplate this. (This is just a social experiment)

Dear friends

Life is so unfair! I have not eaten dinner in like five days! And I go to gym daily. Still I gained 0.35 kg.

Don’t have dinner in so long, and then on my cheat day as soon as I eat chola bhatura, I gain 0.35 Kg! Like, how is that even possible!

It’s not worth it any more. I don’t want to live like this.

Bye guys

Gym sucks

I quit

Signed, Kamala

PS: I am going to eat pizza and all the other food I have been avoiding since so long before I cut my wrist.


Well, dear world…

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