When three days go by and you have no idea of the sequence of events, things come all at once and then one at a time, like an aftertaste. You try to burp out the tasteful bits to relive them amd remember you had a scrumptious dinner. And then you realize the taste from your mouth will be swept off as soon as you feel hungry again. Eventually you will feel hungry again even if you swear to yourself you want to freeze in that hangover.

Comforting words and loving arms and smiling faces, pretty people paying regards, a thousand of them to attend to and a few to hold close and cherish. Past few months of cheerlessness leading upto this, you should never curse god until he is finished, with everything he had planned. Poor thing, must feel like what I did. I am sorry. I thank you, destiny, because saying god would attract mire.

Oh holy love, don’t confuse me. I love them all but hardly like them at all. I love everything because they make me feel good, what they say and what they do is not of consequence. The vibes have a stronghold in my heart, it knows when to beat faster and when to be calm. But alas, what when both happen with the same person.

I have no object to this flow. I wanted a record of how amazing the time was. This blabber says nothing, brings back no colourful imagery, no happy memory. It is the rant of a mind supressed too long in melancholy. Why am I so depressed? My friend, I am not questioning anything. Life is good again.

#NowPlaying__ Delicate | Damien Rice


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