I Can’t Breathe

Just call it meaningless today and extract all the validity it held once. Emotions are not a contract. I have been trained to not trust anything but written word, signed, sealed, delivered. Preferably via email with a cc to everyone concerned.
And even then, I can chose not to honour it because understandings hold no validity and deadlines can always be extended. Wait, what? Didn’t that email say E.O.D? Oh, didn’t you check the trailing mail, they changed it.
So now we are dancing at the command of the majority or sometimes just that one person everyone collectively loathes. Democracy, bravo.
It was better when we could trust people, you know. Or their reputation atleast. Goodwill earned is lost in technicality.
And sometimes, unknowingly, you end up in the same jumble.
Get me out of here, I can’t breathe.

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