An ode to Happy Times

I write an ode to happy times
Going back memories often makes one long
The past is precious and I want to steal some moments from it
They are etched in my heart and are on display in my smiles
I am at peace
And I hope so are they
I have found the ones who can stir an ice cold heart
And turn it into a warm gurgling liquid that simmers down my throat like an elixir of new life

Do not distress this is not melancholy
It is passion that makes me almost violent,
the five feet something me, very violent
Even though they are much bigger and much stronger
I am much more agile and alert
Stay away, world
These are my people

I cry
I pine for their presence in my life
For the hole is a bottomless pit
With enough place in it
For us all to fit
And be one forever



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