The Difference is You


“Noone leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark
You only run for the border when you see your whole city running as well
You have to understand that noone puts children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land.”

If you cannot keep your feet on the firm ground with ease imagine the definition of human rights. Your eyes can only beg for asylum. A street side would be an unimaginable luxury. With thousands of tattered life jackets on the European Coast and boats as far into the horizon as you can see, the multitudes of bodies leaving their homeland pose a sorry picture. This is he worst humanitarian crisis the world is facing today with over 12 million affected people.

The division of limited resources makes even the kindest spirit apprehensive about the degree to which they are willing to sacrifice.  Nemo dat quod non habet. Europe alone cannot take the burden of ensuring refuge to 2.1 million people.

To everyone who questions the whole point of United Nations, and there have been many who casually dismiss it, I must say this is it. One of the major premises for the formation of the UN was to solve the problem of distribution of resources. The law of diminishing marginal utility would force a humanitarian to skip a meal and feed a child.

The inflow  of refugees is such that the World Food Programme had to cut down its supplies to one third. Education among Syrian children has seen the sharpest and most rapid decline, according to UNICEF.

You have the reports here. I hope you can stay true to the spirit of the (mock) UN you all brag so much about winning.

This was my application essay for HLCC MUN’15 (Hope it works!). While writing it I finally got a proper place to answer this question which every MUN enthusiast has faced at some point in time.

#Nowplaying__ I am so Weary – Cliff McAulay


The Picture of Dorian Gray | Oscar Wilde

What is the point of reading anything?
It makes for good dinner time conversation.

If not for stories, we would be thinking about people and their affairs. I’d rather have my nose in a book. It is never so that we are not thinking of anything. The Picture of Dorian Gray gives us a lot to think about.

The appreciation of pleasure and youth is the central theme of this book. But what really strikes you is the power of influence. Lord Henry, who holds the entire charm of the book on his shoulders is a peculiar character. With his smooth talk delivered often without much thought, he chanellises the entire story, all the lives around him. You have to be vary of him, which is hard when you admire him so much.

Is insincerity such a bad thing? I think not. It is merely a method by which we can multiply our personalies.

You know you will ponder over that later.

Thats the effect of this book.

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Twice Watched. Adored a million times.


Movie: Interstellar

Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine

Genre: Nolan

Duration: 2 hr 50 min

This review contains no spoilers

Nolan has created a whole new genre for himself. He wraps science and logic in the same plot who’s key is emotion. It’s like a roller coaster ride lasting three hours leaving your stomach queezy from all the unresolved feelings that linger on much after the movie has ended. The way suspense unfolds in his plot, doing and undoing, confirming and opposing all the concepts that you could predict. When you are watching Nolan, you are never right, you are always amazed.

I can not let Matthew McConaughey’s performance go unmentioned, because my Nolan praise can go on forever. His acting just about knocked me out. He transcends years together(aged 45/124 but looks 33), still looking like the same amazing piece of ass. The…

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Suicide Note

A creepy social experiment.


We don’t value little things in our life and “Dude I just want to die!” is passed off as a casual remark. These suicide notes show how ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS the inside of our heads sound every time we contemplate this. (This is just a social experiment)

Dear friends

Life is so unfair! I have not eaten dinner in like five days! And I go to gym daily. Still I gained 0.35 kg.

Don’t have dinner in so long, and then on my cheat day as soon as I eat chola bhatura, I gain 0.35 Kg! Like, how is that even possible!

It’s not worth it any more. I don’t want to live like this.

Bye guys

Gym sucks

I quit

Signed, Kamala

PS: I am going to eat pizza and all the other food I have been avoiding since so long before I cut my wrist.


Well, dear world…

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