Artist: Maroon 5
Album: V
Release: 2014
Genre: Pop

This song is full of sexual innuendos. Perhaps we can’t even call them innuendos because they are plain in sight! Just replace love-words with vagina, and there you are. I hope I didn’t spoil the song for you. Sugar is a euphemism for sex. Such a cute song if you don’t make this connection every time you hear it.

Apparently, the melody was created first and the lyrics were then plugged into the song. Basically, the preview contained the music with gibberish all over it and then sent to the lyricist to make something useful out of. I don’t know how that works but sounds like a task for both the parties!

These facts, though interesting are not why I felt compelled to write this. The video is what did the trick. If you haven’t seen it yet and are cursing me for spoiling the song for you, just watch it and everything will be good again.

Imagine Adam Levine breaking into your wedding and performing this song! If I ever make the mistake of getting married, this would be why I do it.

Listen and enjoy. You will start swinging as soon as the falsetto begins *enter dancing lady emoji* (because that is how I picture myself swinging when I am listening to this song in public)




When three days go by and you have no idea of the sequence of events, things come all at once and then one at a time, like an aftertaste. You try to burp out the tasteful bits to relive them amd remember you had a scrumptious dinner. And then you realize the taste from your mouth will be swept off as soon as you feel hungry again. Eventually you will feel hungry again even if you swear to yourself you want to freeze in that hangover.

Comforting words and loving arms and smiling faces, pretty people paying regards, a thousand of them to attend to and a few to hold close and cherish. Past few months of cheerlessness leading upto this, you should never curse god until he is finished, with everything he had planned. Poor thing, must feel like what I did. I am sorry. I thank you, destiny, because saying god would attract mire.

Oh holy love, don’t confuse me. I love them all but hardly like them at all. I love everything because they make me feel good, what they say and what they do is not of consequence. The vibes have a stronghold in my heart, it knows when to beat faster and when to be calm. But alas, what when both happen with the same person.

I have no object to this flow. I wanted a record of how amazing the time was. This blabber says nothing, brings back no colourful imagery, no happy memory. It is the rant of a mind supressed too long in melancholy. Why am I so depressed? My friend, I am not questioning anything. Life is good again.

#NowPlaying__ Delicate | Damien Rice

The mandatory anniversary post!

With everything in my life going all over the place, being dragged into emotional extremes and literally pulled apart by opposite priorities, rights and wrong, ethical conflicts and basically a lot of things that will be termed as ‘a melodramatic phase’ in my life after I graduate and college is just a memory, this one small trophy icon on my WordPress made my day (using wrong errornous sentences, unabashedly)

Here is a shoutout to everyone who has made my day today

Anirudh, Shrunga, Philip and Jasmine, somehow you guys are my people here. Cue music- We’re all in this together (High School Musical). I can imagine Matam cringe already.

Bhoomik and Neel, for my phone bill. I never thought myself to be able to manage that feat. You two are worth talking to. One round of drinks that day did a lot of good 😀

Priyanka, Sakshi, Kartikeya, Karan, to being there! Anirudh, for joining us. Jemin, for Tayloring his way in too. All of you to be coming here is getting me excited and keeping me going. Alif, bring photos, Karan, get wine. The rest of you can get anything you want :* xD (Sagar, Sam, you shall be missed)

Vipasha you are a darling. And Aparajita, I’ll come get you at Lucknow. Let’s get into a live-in you sexy thing. Ashu, Aditya, Akshay, Anshul, you guys are so dumb. Vipasha is not engaged. Shrivalli you fell for it too, I is disappoint.

Mayu bhai, you’re always there for advise. I feel like a kid again, talking to you (cue music- Innocent-Taylor Swift). And Manik you little dumb wannabe grownup of a brother, thanks for the awesome time turner. I hope your college life goes swell. Nice girlfriends and all you’re making already, ass.

Priya, Amrita, you two are the sweetest ever present entities in life and just your presence can make things feel normal again, against the whole turmoil in my head. Take care, always. And my favourite and hottest junior ever, Dhruv. You’re a darling. Chocolates to you.

And I left my favourite for last. KAM XD
Bro, you have no idea what a support you are sometimes(when you’re awake :P) You know it why I love you so much, I wont go into details because its a lot of details. And even though I don’t show it enough, I love you 😀

Aaaaand. As they say, happiness multiplies, it did so as my smile grew wider with every word. Counting the small things that make you happy can make all problems disappear. I hope I made you smile atleast a bit today( see Aman, your wish fulfilled).

They also say,
When you’re sad, stop being sad and start being awesome instead.


#NowPlaying__ Bailando (This song is makes me cheerful!)