Artist: Maroon 5
Album: V
Release: 2014
Genre: Pop

This song is full of sexual innuendos. Perhaps we can’t even call them innuendos because they are plain in sight! Just replace love-words with vagina, and there you are. I hope I didn’t spoil the song for you. Sugar is a euphemism for sex. Such a cute song if you don’t make this connection every time you hear it.

Apparently, the melody was created first and the lyrics were then plugged into the song. Basically, the preview contained the music with gibberish all over it and then sent to the lyricist to make something useful out of. I don’t know how that works but sounds like a task for both the parties!

These facts, though interesting are not why I felt compelled to write this. The video is what did the trick. If you haven’t seen it yet and are cursing me for spoiling the song for you, just watch it and everything will be good again.

Imagine Adam Levine breaking into your wedding and performing this song! If I ever make the mistake of getting married, this would be why I do it.

Listen and enjoy. You will start swinging as soon as the falsetto begins *enter dancing lady emoji* (because that is how I picture myself swinging when I am listening to this song in public)




It is a long time after which I do indeed agree that Arijit Singh is someone you should absolutely be vary of, unless you’re not ashamed of breaking into tears for no reason. 

This particular song has so much feeling in it that it inadvertently triggers memories you don’t even imagine affected you so much in the past. It’s a weird phenomenon. 

I am particularly reminded of the day I left from Mumbai, on the last day of my internship. It was so difficult ttoget my head around the fact that I wouldn’t be waking up in that city the next day. That yes, I would have my own bed and comfort at home – not to mention good food, but I would not be able to travel to Marine Drive on whim. It was like someone was taking a very important part of my life away from me. I know one should move on, be ready to experience new things and always explore, and I want to do all of those. 

I was just not ready this time. 



When three days go by and you have no idea of the sequence of events, things come all at once and then one at a time, like an aftertaste. You try to burp out the tasteful bits to relive them amd remember you had a scrumptious dinner. And then you realize the taste from your mouth will be swept off as soon as you feel hungry again. Eventually you will feel hungry again even if you swear to yourself you want to freeze in that hangover.

Comforting words and loving arms and smiling faces, pretty people paying regards, a thousand of them to attend to and a few to hold close and cherish. Past few months of cheerlessness leading upto this, you should never curse god until he is finished, with everything he had planned. Poor thing, must feel like what I did. I am sorry. I thank you, destiny, because saying god would attract mire.

Oh holy love, don’t confuse me. I love them all but hardly like them at all. I love everything because they make me feel good, what they say and what they do is not of consequence. The vibes have a stronghold in my heart, it knows when to beat faster and when to be calm. But alas, what when both happen with the same person.

I have no object to this flow. I wanted a record of how amazing the time was. This blabber says nothing, brings back no colourful imagery, no happy memory. It is the rant of a mind supressed too long in melancholy. Why am I so depressed? My friend, I am not questioning anything. Life is good again.

#NowPlaying__ Delicate | Damien Rice

Thinking a lot of things at once

lolSometimes I just drift off, forgetting that a writer is supposed to write. And then suddenly, I remember I have a blog. That other distractions need to be managed. And then I wonder if writing is a distraction too. Running from one distraction to another and ignoring reality, just what everyone is about these days. How to stay awake and aware?

Daydreaming. I have been dropping asleep in classes all the time and today I discovered that I am wide awake when I day dream. In a day dream I know exactly what I want, exactly what would be perfect. Scenes played out of my favourite movie. No distractions.

I opened my notes after I logged in onto my blog, thank god for the remember me option. And this poured out. Doesn’t even make sense. People I have given up on walked past me. I didn’t react, my heart didn’t clench in “hatred” and “betrayal”. Aparajita asked me, “Do they train you in indifference down there?” I think they do. I think that’s the plan. Exams and classes and politics are just distractions. It works like a vaccine against exams and classes and politics. I am indifferent to everything now. Shrugs.

What’s important to me? People go for denial and drugs. People go for an escape and drugs. Where do I go? I live off my head, I live in my head. Everything else is just a backdrop. I think Descartes would be proud of me, I prove his thesis. I’d be one perfect Descartian sculpture, living and breathing.

It would be ideal. I am the only thing that exists and puny humans keep walking around me, I can eliminate them in my head by just choosing to look past. Like a cat. There lies the solution for world peace. Just eliminate people in your head, or play with them like toys if they are agreeable. What a perfect social model!

I want to build my perfect little world. A perfect little corner somewhere which has everything to my liking. Something I always wanted but never hand. Something new everyday. Surrounded by people who like what I like, who are at peace in my world. A place like Disneyland. Yes, I want my own little one in a cozy suburban joint where connoisseurs visit to discuss art. I can’t picture it yet. I can feel the warm guzzling sound of coffee and the mixed aroma of a dozen teas, a tinkering of conversation and the pleasant sound of wind chimes everytime someone enters. Surreal to me, with its peculiar energy, but maybe just another place and just another distraction to others. And one regular customer who will be my soulmate.

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