Round Ireland With A Fridge

Round Ireland With A Fridge

Round Ireland With A Fridge

Round Ireland With A Fridge
Tony Hawks
Ebury Press, 1999
Genre: Comedy, Travel
Pages: 248

I am as vary of a flamboyant title as any discerning reader should rightly be. Luckily my little brother, not so nuanced yet, order this book. I happened to find this abandoned on one of my short trips back home. What can I say, one man’s junk is another woman’s treasure.

The title is not a click-bait (buy-bait?) at all. This book is actually about a man who goes around Ireland with a fridge. A fuckin’ fridge! The fucking eejit!

This is a book written by a stand-up comedian who I hadn’t heard about until I started reading this. It was interesting, because until now I have only consumed comedy in movies, live shows, or the worst form of them all – podcasts. This surpasses any book that has ever dared to call itself a comedy. This is beyond a forced situational comedy that one is used to, which uses vulgar sexual innuendos to justify itself. No sir, this is a book I wish I had read sooner.

I wonder why his Wikipedia is so barren? I also wonder why anyone reads On The Road when this masterpiece clearly exists.

I wonder further how a fan meeting would go. Now that the fridge journey is over, must we carry our own home appliances (because it is not about the fridge, ofcourse, but the fridge-philosophy) and get them signed by him? Cricketers sign bats, baseball players sign balls, and The Fridge-Man should definitely sign my travel sized kitchen appliance.

Fridge Goes Surfing

Fridge Goes Surfing

If this was done in 2017 instead of 1997 with all the social media exposure available, I wonder if this would still be considered a challenge. I doubt it – most (including me) would dismiss it as a PR stunt. Are we all too skeptical these days? I wonder if it was easier to trust people before the social media intervention – before every good/fun thing was just another photo-op.

My wonders should end here.

Except for the last one, is there a Fridge monument in Ireland? That would surely make me put Ireland on top of my priority travel list. Everyone likes to visit places from their favourite books 😀

I hope I am able to do something quite crazy like this. The inspiration necessitates a drinking session.

Until then 😉

Rating: 5/5





Artist: Maroon 5
Album: V
Release: 2014
Genre: Pop

This song is full of sexual innuendos. Perhaps we can’t even call them innuendos because they are plain in sight! Just replace love-words with vagina, and there you are. I hope I didn’t spoil the song for you. Sugar is a euphemism for sex. Such a cute song if you don’t make this connection every time you hear it.

Apparently, the melody was created first and the lyrics were then plugged into the song. Basically, the preview contained the music with gibberish all over it and then sent to the lyricist to make something useful out of. I don’t know how that works but sounds like a task for both the parties!

These facts, though interesting are not why I felt compelled to write this. The video is what did the trick. If you haven’t seen it yet and are cursing me for spoiling the song for you, just watch it and everything will be good again.

Imagine Adam Levine breaking into your wedding and performing this song! If I ever make the mistake of getting married, this would be why I do it.

Listen and enjoy. You will start swinging as soon as the falsetto begins *enter dancing lady emoji* (because that is how I picture myself swinging when I am listening to this song in public)

The Reluctant Fundamentalist


The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Mohsin Hamid
Penguin Random House, 2007
Style: Dramatic Monologue
Pages: 184

Just finished reading a reluctant fundamentalist and I assure you I will not sleep peacefully for a long time. Firstly, the rush of completing a book in one sitting has been entirely absent from my life and feeling it again today makes me feel more alive than I have in quite some time.
Secondly, I cannot decide what I feel about the book. There might be spoilers ahead so I insist you stop reading this post. I do not understand how to feel about it. The way India-Pakistan relationship has been described from Pakistan’s perspective is slightly moving. I do have friends in the country but I must admit all of us are too shy to directly broach this topic. We take our solace in promising each other our friendship and inviting each other over for kheer and biryani is one of the thing we bond over. Surprisingly even our discussion about cricket are muted. This book gave me a look into their heads and the proposition is scary. The book just brushes over the topic but it is too poignant for me to ignore. Does America win, and we both lose?
Thirdly I wonder about the title. Fundamentalism has formed part of multiple contexts in the book. Beginning with his job where Changez is asked to concentrate on finances and not worry about the layoffs and the lives that are attached to his cold analysis. About how the corporation expects that one distance themselves from everything else. I like how the street violence against Muslim’s after 9/11 has been downplayed in the book, how September has been related to new beginnings. How his entire story, so breezy at first develops into a character one would not quite like. A character one would begin to distrust. From obsessing over his brains, mannerisms and appearance to doubting his motives behind everything. To being convinced that he is politically motivated and a fundamentalist of the highest order, blinded and brainwashed.
The most interesting concept is that of his comparison with Janissaries – Christians who were raised by the Ottomans to destroy the own civilisation and thus develop a loyalty out of not having any alternative. Isn’t this the same image we get when we think of the ISIS? We imagine kids being raised for war and suicide. We see us, Asians, being so intimately linked with the Americans that we justify their dominance and their need in our homes. Our homes of history and grandeur that they are far from comprehending. That we might begin to forget if we fall prey into the the alternate kind of fundamentalism.
The ending of the book does not tell us who won. It gives us a choice. Which world order so we wish to subscribe to? The answer will split us, will make us angry. It will make us the reluctant fundamentalist.
PS: I checked out the image results for the movie and it does zero justice to how beautifully I had pictured everything.



It is a long time after which I do indeed agree that Arijit Singh is someone you should absolutely be vary of, unless you’re not ashamed of breaking into tears for no reason. 

This particular song has so much feeling in it that it inadvertently triggers memories you don’t even imagine affected you so much in the past. It’s a weird phenomenon. 

I am particularly reminded of the day I left from Mumbai, on the last day of my internship. It was so difficult ttoget my head around the fact that I wouldn’t be waking up in that city the next day. That yes, I would have my own bed and comfort at home – not to mention good food, but I would not be able to travel to Marine Drive on whim. It was like someone was taking a very important part of my life away from me. I know one should move on, be ready to experience new things and always explore, and I want to do all of those. 

I was just not ready this time.